A web site is one of the least expensive forms of advertising you will find, next to word-of-mouth referrals by your customers.  It works for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is easily accessible to anyone with Internet access or a smart phone, making it possible for potential customers to find you from virtually anywhere.  Your web site may include helpful information, such as hours of operation, driving directions, details of your services or products, etc., reducing the need for your phone line to be tied up with basic information calls.  You may also keep your customers up-to-date on specials and announcements and offer web coupons. If you are the owner of small business or a new business just starting out, you may find that many of the services of large web design firms are out of your price range.  You may also find that your needs are not as extravagant as those of larger companies.  KTC Office and Web Solutions specializes in affordable web design and maintenance geared toward the small business.  We pride ourselves on our approach of Personalized Innovation and we strive to find new and creative ways to showcase your business online without breaking your bank account. In addition to the design and construction of web sites, we also offer maintenance plans which include hosting for your site as well as visitor stats, email management and email forwarding, changes and updates to your text and/or images, and other extras. See our list of web design services, request a quote, or contact us to schedule an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your individual needs.  Consultations can be in person, for those who are local to Burlington County, New Jersey, or over the telephone for those who are not.  (Occasionally, there are times throughout the year when in-person consultations will be possible in the West Pasco County area of Florida.)  Communication during the web construction process and any ongoing services you may choose for us to manage can be conducted via email, Facebook, Skype, fax, or telephone.  We will send samples of work-in-progress by email for your viewing and approval. Please be aware that KTC Office and Web Solutions will not be affiliated with any web sites that promote violence, pornography, gambling, drugs, get-rich-quick schemes, or any type of business venture that is operated in an unethical or illegal manner. Web Design and Maintenance Exclusively Yours Paws and Claws Society Vittles & Voices © Copyright 2003-2013 KTC Office and Web Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Home | Web Design/Maintenance | Newsletters | Copy Writing Services | Email Marketing | Word Processing Custom Business Forms | Promotional Products | Testimonials | FAQ | Contact Us | Privacy Policy Some of our sites: Like / Follow Us:
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